Quizzer is a Palm OS application that allows you to save lists of vocabulary and quiz your knowledge of them.



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Please note: 'Quizzer' is Palm OS software. It cannot be run on Windows Mobile, Symbian (Nokia) or Apple iPhone devices without a Palm OS emulator, such as StyleTap.

Download the program (version 3.1)


J.W. Bouman rated Quizzer ***** on 24 January 2005

this is an excellent program. Yes it would be nice if there was an english version. However if you can overcome the language barriere, you have something very good on your Palm. Note,that if you have a Palm with a memorycard and you download the Windows version of the same program, you can very! easily make any list you want, to/from any language. After that, instal the lists to your memorycard and get the Palm program to convert it. Even I managed to do that!! ;^)

Anne Zahra rated Quizzer ***** on 13 August 2004

It would be nice to see this software available for other languages, especially if you can add your own words to it.