Hanami in Amstelveen

Stitching HDR panoramas using Adobe Lightroom

While travelling through the Netherlands, I often find myself without my Canon DSLR at hand. Instead, I take photos using my iPhone. Regrettably, of course, it comes with a limited lens with a fixed focal length. To counter this, people often use the…

HDR photo merging using Adobe Lightroom

When taking photos, we often have to deal with difficult lighting situations, such as a bright sky and a relatively unlit landscape. In practice, unless a filter is used, most cameras can only take a proper photo of the sky, or of the landscape. We c…

Reducing Adobe Lightroom catalog size by automatically purging big history states

Recently, when backing up my pictures folder, I noticed my Lightroom catalog had notably increased in size, even though I couldn't remember adding that many pictures. I decided to investigate. I remembered reading a few years ago, on Jeffrey Friedl'…

Nijmegen by night
Snowscape at the Goffertpark, Nijmegen
Sunset over the Spiegelwaal, Nijmegen