Global Data Lab

The Global Data Lab (GDL) is an independent data and research center at the Nijmegen School of Management of Radboud University. Building upon over 500 household survey datasets from the major data providers for low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), GDL has built one of the largest existing databases for LMICs, containing information on over 35 million individuals in 130+ countries. Based on this infrastructure, GDL performs research and develops specialist databases as well as indices and instruments for monitoring and analysing the status and progress of societies.

When I rejoined the Global Data Lab in February 2022, I was tasked with completely redesigning the website. I changed the colour palette, navigation, and made the whole site smartphone friendly. In addition, we changed the focus from data tables to modes of visualising these data. We introduced choropleth world maps, allowing visitors to see patterns in a colourful fashion. In addition, we introduced bubble charts, which made it possible to visualise worldwide trends in three dimensions.

Also check out the previous work I did for the Global Data Lab.

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