Aaronweb v4: a preview

Hi all,

After lots of attempts, I've finally finished the design for the new Aaronweb.net site!

So, what's keeping me from launching the site? Well, there's a few things left to do, most notably importing the current content into WordPress and finishing support for Internet Explorer. The latter appears to be quite a pain for versions 6 and 7, so I may end up presenting a somewhat less fancy design to those browsers. Not sure yet.

Of course, this post isn't complete without a proper preview, so here goes:

Please let me know what you think via a comment, here or on Twitter (@aaronvangeffen)!


I promise I won't whine anymore at the little AA problems you seem to be having with the arrows. :P Still looks nice though!

Looks great! Keep up the great work! ;D

Toch even je veiligheid testen ;)

Ik geloof dat 'ie je test doorstaat, niet? ;)

ja :(

Site preview looks good! hope it's as nice as it looks :3

Looks awesome.

Needs more desu.

"This site is best viewed with (everything but IE*) or a text browser" <-- My solution.

That's a bloody sexy design!

Nice! Can't wait to see it in action. Oh, and just ditch IE6 and IE7, they're not worth the extra effort.

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