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Hi all,

I haven't been maintaining this blog for quite some time now. As I stated earlier on my blog page, this mostly has to do with personal reasons I won't go into here.

Now, I know this blog still gets quite a few hits on its RSS feeds, so I'll break the silence by listing my short-term plans for this site.

The first thing on my list, is converting the site to a proper CMS. I've tried several over the past few weeks, and it looks like I'll go for WordPress. Despite its flaws, it's a very user-friendly product. Also, it has mobile interfaces for smartphones, which is a big plus for me.

After the site is successfully converted into a not-so-generic WordPress site, I plan to blog a lot more. The thing is, the site as it stands doesn't have any form of admin interface, as I never got around to write one. As it stands, I have to log in via SSH and insert the new rows into the MySQL database manually via the MySQL command line interface. As you can probably imagine, maintaining this blog isn't exactly a fun ride due to this.

Now, obviously this will change once the site runs on WordPress. Unfortunately, I'm still the perfectionist I used to be, so it'll take a few more days until I'm satisfied with the new design and site.

Until then, please stay tuned! If you haven't done so already, subscribe to the RSS feed and you'll see exactly when the new site is online!

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