SciRev is a website that aims to make the scientific review process more transparent by "reviewing the scientific review process", that is, the review process scientific manuscripts are subjected to by journals they are to be published in.

To do this, researchers can sign up on SciRev for free and fill in a questionnaire that takes them through the review process, thereby gathering information on several aspects of said process. This data is then used to calculate scores for the journal. As all journals are categorised into disciplines (scientific fields), researchers can thereby choose an efficient journal by looking up their own discipline and use the scores to compare journals.

I was involved in SciRev from December 2012 to December 2014, programming the website from the ground up, as well as designing the lay-out, while closely working together with the founders. The result of our combined effort can be seen online in all its glory on https://scirev.org, or by clicking one of the screenshots below.