The process for publishing scientific work can be quite long. Part of this process is the peer reviewing of manuscripts. This process can be quite lengthy and opaque. To make this process more transparent, the website SciRev was founded. It aims to do this by collecting process reviews from researchers. In doing so, SciRev can aggregate data at the journal level, computing statistics for the duration of the various phases a manuscript goes through in the publication process.

To this end, researchers sign up on SciRev and fill out a questionnaire for the journal(s) their manuscripts were submitted to. The questionnaire takes them through the review process, particularly when communication was received and revisions were sent. These data are then used to calculate scores for the journals involved. In addition, all journals are categorised into scientific fields (disciplines). This can be used by researchers to choose a relatively efficient journal for their next publication.

After my previous work for SciRev, I became involved again late 2022. The website's 10th anniversary was coming up in 2023, and it was decided to modernise the website for the occasion. I redesigned the website from scratch using modern UI standards, thinking from the end-user's perspective. We think this has resulted in a much better experience on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.

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