The Palm OS program 'Schoolwork' allows students to easily keep track of all of their homework, marks and their timetable. Its simple interface makes the program easy to use, so navigation won't be an issue!



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The zip file offered below contains both Schoolwork and an additional Timetable program. The latter isn't required for running Schoolwork, but it offers direct access to the timetable from the launcher.

Please note: Schoolwork is Palm OS software. It cannot be run on Windows Mobile, Symbian (Nokia) or Apple iPhone devices without a Palm OS emulator, such as StyleTap.

Download the program (version 3.5)


Julie rated Schoolwork ***** on 18 August 2008

I've been looking all over for the perfect organizer for school and this is it! It won't let you down.

Jerry rated Schoolwork ***** on 31 December 2006

Excellent aplication! Love it! Great for students

Jessica rated Schoolwork ***** on 24 December 2006


Xillit Software rated Schoolwork ***** on 10 September 2006

This is the type of app Ive been looking for ever since I bought my palm. Dont be put off by the translation in the description of the program because this is a first class application, which I cannot fault. If you are a student who owns a palm, download this app now.

J.W.Bouman rated Schoolwork **** on 24 January 2005

I have tried several "school" programs. This one is definitely one of the better ones. Unfortunately Dutch only (for me no problem :^)). Maybe if the author (Aaron) gets enough requests, he will do an english version.

Matias rated Schoolwork **** on 24 January 2005

Good app. I hope that the english version comes soon.

Changelog for version 3.5

Homework Marks Timetable Purging Other

Changelog for version 3.0

Homework Marks Timetable Other