Corrupted Palm OS datebook database

Well, it had to happen sometime, I guess: my Palm Tungsten|T3's datebook database got corrupted sometime last week. Whenever I tried to synchronise or copy the database, I got a fatal alert saying DataMgr.c, Line:7399,DmWrite:DmWriteCheck failed.

Hardly anyone uses an old Palm OS device anymore, but thanks to the brilliant thing called the Internet, I managed to find an old forum post --dating back to 2004!-- describing my exact problem, plus a tool to fix it, named dbScan.

Alas, the link to the tool returned the infamous File Not Found error. Fortunately, a quick Google query for dbscan.prc quickly turned up a post on TreoCentral, with the file attached! I ran it on my Palm via an SD-card and had it scan for and delete the corrupted record, which had apparently already been marked for deletion. This fixed the problem quite elegantly.

Should anyone come across this post looking for the file: I've mirrored it here, just in case.


Nice! Internet rules. Also, je site werkt best goed met Lynx, alleen dit comment formulier is raar (de labels staan achter te tekstboxen?). Anyway, nice :D

Ik zie dat het op een grafische browser er hetzelfde uitziet. Huzzah! ;)

Mooi hè, sites die voldoen aan usability standards? ;)

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