Tim Minchin's Storm

One of my all-time favourites by Tim Minchin. I've posted this on Facebook at least twice and possibly shared it via Twitter, too, but I figured it deserved a spot on my website, too. Enjoy!

For a transcript, see this blog post.



Hey Qqwy,

First, thanks for taking the time to reply. I want to point out though that Minchin never denies the fun of these mysteries. He does, however, point out "there are answers out there" that "won't be found by people sitting around, looking serious, and saying: 'Isn't life mysterious'". Quite a difference there, no? ;)


Hallo Aaron,

Finally I took some time to read trough your blog. I have to say that I find this Poem really great made, altough I don't totally agree. In my opinion, there ís more then we know, and Science will not be able to solve everything. And not everything shóuld be solved. Having this world wíth Mistery's is great. Isn't it enough to live in the world as it is, whitout needing to know about EVERYTHING how it fits together? Wouldn't it be very sad if we new for certain that X is the purpose of life or that there is no god?

I beleave that the world is okay as is, with misteries. Nevertheless a great poem


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